Observability in GeneXus: A Real Case
02:45 PM - 03:15 PM
Ballroom A
In today's technology-driven world, the ability to effectively monitor and manage computer systems is crucial to every business. Observability is essential to maintain optimal performance and diagnose performance, security or even bugs in production problems in complex environments. In this presentation we want to start with a comprehensive introduction to the topic of observability, including two real experiences on GeneXus applications that are in production, implementing an observability solution with Datadog, one of the most powerful and popular tools. Through these experiences, we will explore the challenges faced, the solutions developed, and the impact this had on the overall performance and reliability of the systems.

Fully understand the concept of observability and its importance.
Key considerations for implementing observability in a GeneXus environment.
Learn about the common challenges faced during the process and how they were addressed in two real projects implemented with GeneXus.
Acquire knowledge about the best practices and techniques to achieve observability in your own GeneXus projects.
Understand the real operation based on one of the most powerful and popular tools (Datadog), which will provide knowledge that can be extrapolated to other equivalent technologies.

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